Industry Still Too Slow to Tackle Unsustainable Palm Oil at Scale, Further Contributing to Nature Crisis

In response to the launch of the 2021 Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard, World Wildlife Fund issued the following statement from Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Markets, Executive Director, Markets Institute:

“As more and more companies around the world step up and commit to climate action, investing in sustainable food systems, and securing resilient supply chains free from deforestation and habitat conversion must be part of the solution. That includes palm oil, a common ingredient found in U.S. products. But once again, WWF’s scorecard results speak volumes about the state of global palm oil production – the industry needs to do more.

“Fixing palm oil sourcing is a complex problem and no one company or country can tackle it alone. The entire industry must work together in a pre-competitive way to embrace innovation and change and then track it through the supply chain to the consumers.

“North American-based companies are active in platforms like the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil which play a critical role in moving companies in the right direction when it comes to sustainability. Yet fewer are investing in on the ground initiatives. There’s never been a more important time for companies to strengthen commitments, accelerate action at the source, and deliver a future for palm oil that will protect forests, nature and the local communities that rely on this industry."

Visit the interactive Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard website, which includes tools to view which brands are taking action and which are falling short.