WWF Statement on Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

Today, the House of Representatives passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a Congressional spending package that includes unprecedented federal investment focused on climate change and clean energy. The legislation will now go to President Biden to sign into law. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Carter Roberts, President and CEO:

“Today marks a turning point for our future. The United States has now passed historic climate and clean energy investments. That matters. It sends a signal that the United States can be trusted to deliver on long-term climate commitments, and it raises the bar for other nations to do the same. The law finalized today by Congress puts us within reach of meeting our Paris Agreement targets. It will deliver a future of cleaner electricity generation, cleaner homes, and cleaner cars. It embraces the role that nature can play in limiting emissions and securing healthier communities. And it commits significant new support to help deliver environmental justice to frontline communities.

“More work remains. Executive actions and additional laws will be required to fully meet America’s Paris Agreement pledge. More funding will be required to fully realize environmental justice goals. But the law passed today sets us firmly on the path to success in this nation’s struggle against the climate crisis and offers a renewed opportunity for the U.S. to lead. We thank President Biden and those who led the way in the U.S. Congress for achieving this progress, and we will continue to push for the additional actions we need in the months and years ahead.”